Commissioned Work   Pets, People or Places, let's talk!
If you have a favorite photograph or you want me to take the picture, I can paint a long lasting memory for you, adding artistic style and character to any image. I will consult with you the entire process, selecting the subject, photo and preliminary drawings. I will provide images, for your comments, as the painting evolves. A painting and payment schedule will be discussed and implemented to ensure your satisfaction. You may withdraw your commission at any time. However, payments already made will not be refunded.
Giclee Prints   Using quality pigment inks applied on canvas, for best results.
Regular Prints: Giclee prints are available for any of my paintings. All my giclee prints are limited edition and will be individually signed and numbered. Print sizes can be adjusted as desired to fit any wall space. The price will be adjusted accordingly.
Enhanced Prints: Giclee prints will be enhanced with oils or acrylics paint, making each print a new signed original. No two enhanced prints will be the same. The signature style will differ from that of regular prints to authenticate the print's originality. If you wish to commission an enhanced print, we can discuss possible enhancements.
Custom Framing   I am a cabinet maker and have the specialty tools required for framing.
As a certified cabinet maker, I make my own mats and frames for all my paintings using primarily exotic woods. I also do custom framing for others on request.
Art Rental   Great show piece for special use or everyday enjoyment.
Art rentals are ideal when art ownership is not practical. For example, rentals can be used in the staging of a home for sale. Rentals can also be used to add beauty and character to an office space with the added benefit of being able to change the artwork on a regular basis. All of my prints and any originals not privately owned are available for loan on a monthly basis. A refundable damage deposit will be required on the loan of an original.
Art Photography   High resolution photos are essential for marketing your work!
If you are an artist and want to create quality prints of your artwork, you must start with high resolution photography. I can provide a professional studio environment and camera for photographing your artwork. I have experience in photographing my own paintings and can assist in this process. I can also retain the services of a professional photographer for special requirements.
Derivative Art   Any reproduction, in whole or in part, that resembles the original.
034 - derivative
This image resembles the original.
034 - original
I can make all kinds of products using originals or derivatives where I hold the copyright.
Calendars: Excellent fundraiser for any organization. Custom calendars can be created using any combination of painting images.
Postcards, tent cards and T-shirts: These items make terrific souvenirs and are available for resale and fundraisers.
Licensing   As the artist, I have all copyrights.
Copyright: The copyright of all paintings is retained by the artist and estate in perpetuity, unless sold as a limited or unlimited copyright.
Limited copyright: The purchaser of a limited copyright may use images and derivatives as specified in a contractual arrangement.
Unlimited copyright: The purchaser of an unlimited copyright will have the benefit of being the only one able to authorize future use of the original or any likeness.
Mentorship   I wish I had had a mentor to show me the ropes! A chance to sit and talk about art.
Mentoring: Available only in Ottawa for local artists. Art students wishing to experience a studio environment, who have a collegial approach to painting and who feel compatible with my painting style, may benefit from watching, asking questions and discussing art. I can provide constructive guidance and feedback on your own artwork.
Subject Matter: How to sell? How to paint? How to paint as a business? Painting on a budget? I will answer any question you have, and help with the research when I can.
Session Duration: Minimum of 1 hour per session. Maximum 2 hours per session.
Number of Students: Minimum & maximum of 2 art students per session. Only 7 art students will be accepted for mentorship between May to October each year.
Number of Sessions: As many or as few as you wish. Sessions must be coordinated between students. Dates and times will be made available through shared calendars.
Location: At my studio, in my home located in Blackburn Hamlet in East Ottawa Ontario. Exact address provided to interested art students. Accessible by bus (route 94).
Library: Sharing reading material, books and art knowledge can accelerate the development of any emerging artist.